Ted, Original Ink & Gouache on Paper c1945

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Raymond Debiève, painter, sculptor, ceramist and tapestry artist, Debiève is part of the Expressionist, Post-Cubist Movement. Growing up with his twin brother, Michel Debiève- who is also a renowned artist, Raymond accomplished his first Artistic prize at 16 years of age in 1947. Observing the world through a perceptive, humorous and poetic eye- Raymond’s works express everyday life in a new light. His strokes confer vitality to faces, his colors bring men and women to life, and his fingers recount life in post-war Northern France. Showcased in exhibitions around the world, Raymond’s pieces convey history, memories, and love.

Dimensions: 11.75w x 175h

Material: Original Ink & Gauache on Paper, c1945

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