Palomas de Oro

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Palomas de Oro

Paloma mother and child wind through branches and grace tables at any celebration. Brass birds and lacquered red wooden beads strung on malleable wire. Natural finish.

Raised on a rural Mexican cattle ranch steeped in tradition, Jan Barboglio learned from an early age to appreciate the timeless wonderment of the culture around her. Jan Barboglio has long mixed items that are common or grand, and combined them with materials to make them special, epitomizing a hacienda lifestyle and incorporating the elegance of Old Mexico. Her talent of combining materials that make each object original and distinctive, a look that has become trademark, old wood, iron, crystal, stone, silver, etched blown glass, guarantees that every object is intuitively recognized as Jan Barboglio.

Dimensions: 11 x 106 x 1

Care: Clean with soft dry cloth.

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