Naga Mortar & Pestle

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Naga Mortar & Pestle

The Naga Collection is inspired by Michael’s fascination with Nagaland, the remote mountainous state in northeast India. Naturally isolated by its geography, the people of Nagaland exist independent of the rest of India, resulting in a diverse and vibrant culture. The area is home to over twenty different tribes, each with distinct forms of art, jewelry, and music. The pieces in this collection reflect this unique region and capture a different perspective of Indian culture.

“Naga art feels so different from anything else I’ve known in India. The bold, dramatic jewelry and art in the area remain a source of inspiration. Here, I’m translating those motifs into beautiful objects for your home.”

Materials: Black Marble, Goldtone, Natural & Oxidized Brass, Nickelplate, Black Nickelplate

Dimensions: 5.75 Mortar, 5.5 Pestle

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