Meridian White Bath Rug 24x39 (L)

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Meridian Bath Rug

Nature’s own luxury lifestyle. This eco-friendly collection uses Europe’s finest linen and cotton. With the use of these natural fibers, we have created a luxurious product that feels good to touch and sustainable to our environment. They bring the ultimate natural experience into the home.

Pre-washed and pre-shrunk for an extraordinary absorbency right in the first use;
Anti-pilling treatment for a plushier look;

Super soft bath rug, made with the highest quality cotton, which provides excellent absorbency, durability and wonderful softness. Overwoven, a double-structured bath rug: woven base with long tufting pile on top. Luxurious look and smooth touch.

Material: 50% Cotton, 20% Bamboo, 20% Viscose, 10% Linen

Size: 24 x 39

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