Centuries Sandalwood Soap, Set of 3

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Centuries Sandalwood Soap Set

Make your bath or shower ritual more indulgent with our long-lasting, plant-based, triple-milled Centuries Sandalwood soap. Rich and moisturizing with a warm, intoxicating scent, it’s the ideal way to start your morning or relax after a long day. There’s a certain satisfaction in holding this smooth bar in your hand as the steam lifts its sensual fragrance through the air.

Bar Benefits
Glycerin locks moisture into skin
Triple-milled bar lasts longer than liquid soap
No plastic bottles means less landfill waste
Store extras in a drawer to give clothes a fresh scent
Better for travel—no leaking

Product Details:
Three 5.8 oz (164 g) bars
Sustainably packaged using FSC-certified paper 
No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
Made in the USA
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