Centuries Almond Soap, Set of 3

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Centuries Almond Soap, Set of 3

Make your bath or shower ritual more indulgent with our best-selling plant-based, triple-milled Almond soap. Richly lathering and skin softening, with a comforting scent of almonds blended with hints of cherry and salt, this formula has been a customer favorite for decades. In fact, it was so loved by President Eisenhower that his family brought it with them to the White House.

Good soap is one of life’s simple—but very important!—luxuries. We take bathing for granted, but it didn’t become popular in America until the mid-1800s (let’s refrain from remarking on the personal odor of our forbears). We aren’t bragging when we say that Caswell-Massey was ahead of the trend, creating superb soaps that helped people discover the health and emotional benefits of lathering up.

Bar Benefits
Sweet almond oil hydrates
Aloe vera extract soothes
Glycerin locks moisture into skin
Triple-milled bar lasts longer than liquid soap
No plastic bottles means less landfill waste
Store extras in a drawer to give clothes a fresh scent
Better for travel—no leaking

Product Details:
Three 5.8 oz (164 g) bars
Sustainably packaged using FSC-certified paper
No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
Cruelty free
Made in the USA

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