Plenum Steak Knives, Set of 6

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Plenum Steak Knives, Set of 6

The Berti Plenum steak knife is shaped like a straight paring knife with a bolster for better control while cutting. The handle widens away from the blade for more control under the palm. Each knife handmade by a single artisan.

Berti Plenum steak knives come in an anchor tang of ox horn. Anchor tang means the blade is anchored inside a whole handle. Set of 6.

Materials: Blade made of high-quality 420B stainless steel. Oxhorn knives made from real horn.

Dimensions: 9.1 Total Length | 4.3 Blade length

Care: Pewter stemware and barware should only be washed by hand and should not be pre-soaked in hot water as a prelude to hand washing.


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