Centuries Almond Gift Set

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Centuries Almond Gift Set

Experience the best-selling, beloved Almond Collection with a gift set that includes the essentials for indulging the senses with a fragrance defined by its irresistible mix of savory and subtly sweet notes. 

The triple-milled Almond Soap quickly proves its icon status with its luxuriously rich and creamy lather. While gently cleansing and moisturizing skin, the pristine white bath soap emits its comfortingly warm and soothing fragrance. To follow, application of our plant-based Almond Hand Cream to freshly clean skin ensures that skin receives added hydration and protection from this vitamin-enriched, velvety smooth (and notably non-greasy) formula. Finally, a spritz or two of our Almond Eau de Toilette imparts upon the skin and senses a floral amber gourmand fragrance that remains fresh throughout the day.

Items Included:

Almond Hand Cream: 2.25 oz, metal tube
Almond Bath Soap: 5.8 oz, bar
Almond Eau de Toilette: 15 ml, travel-safe spray bottle 

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